Migraine Aura and Lamictal

Note: Lamictal studies on migraine to date have only shown Lamictal to be beneficial for those with migraine aura. 

lamictal-300x300However, that being said other than this particular study there have been next to none that specifically study the response migraine with aura sufferers have …

Musings on Chronic Illness and Disability

One year ago I was paralyzed by pain and severe sickness. I was in the throes of a severe status migraine a day in and day out 8-10 on the pain scale. I also had persistent aura, and my migraine associated vertigo was off the charts due to damage to …

Ways to Break That Migraine

If you’ve had chronic migraine at any point in life chances are you’ve had at least a brush with status migraine, intractable migraine, or have developed a medication over use headache (formerly known as rebound).

Intractable Migraine – Is a migraine which is not responding to traditional treatment.

The Mankoski Pain Scale

I searched far and wide for a pain scale that made sense to me and ended up with the Mankoski Pain Scale which was developed for Endometriosis sufferers. I finally had language to go with the numbers, and a tool I could hand a provider if they weren’t sure what …