Cortical Spreading Depression & Migraine: the 60 year war & the wave of the future

10194_2013_Article_306_Fig1_HTMLCortical Spreading Depression (CSD) is one of the more well supported and researched theories when it comes to the cause of migraine aura. When I first read about it in recently published articles and news reports it sounded new, however, CSD …

Migraine Aura and Lamictal

Note: Lamictal studies on migraine to date have only shown Lamictal to be beneficial for those with migraine aura. 

lamictal-300x300However, that being said other than this particular study there have been next to none that specifically study the response migraine with aura sufferers have …

Ways to Break That Migraine

If you’ve had chronic migraine at any point in life chances are you’ve had at least a brush with status migraine, intractable migraine, or have developed a medication over use headache (formerly known as rebound).

Intractable Migraine – Is a migraine which is not responding to traditional treatment.

Reglan and Anti-Psychotics for Migraine, YUP!

reglan-side-effects-1You may already be taking an anti-psychotic medication for migraine and not even know it. Reglan, generic name Metoclopramide, has been gaining popularity in migraine treatment over the past decade, and for good reason.

Metoclopramide is actually in the same …