f.lux Makes it Easy on These Migraine Eyes

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I don’t get any credit for finding this, my awesome boyfriend did.  He installed it to hopefully help with insomnia issues related to perpetual web browsing.

f.lux1 is an app that changes the tone of your screen.  It stays it’s normal bright white during the day but at sunset warm tones start to creep in, and by night time it is fairly orange, like the pic on the right. The original theory behind f.lux1 is that changing the screen’s tone to match indoor lighting etc, helps relax the eyes and prepare the brain for sleep.

For my migraines this has been amazing since they are so easily triggered or worsened by bright light. I have photophobia to the max. Between f.lux1 and being able to change my screen brightness from the keyboard I can stay on the computer even during some of my more annoying episodes. This is also so much better than wearing sunglasses in order to use the computer in the middle of the night.

f.lux1 is free and available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Download f.lux1

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