Grassroots All Stakeholders Healthcare Action Proposal

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Grassroots All Stakeholders Healthcare


By the Chronic Advocate4 aka Susanne the angry disabled social worker 😉

One voice, all action

Since the purpose of this group is inclusion I am writing this document live. Please feel free to ask questions via the Comments on this Doc, or through Rumble Chat.

Organization mission: To bring healthcare stakeholder special interests together using a consensus based open membership model. With the goal of having united efforts and cohesive knowledge to take actionable macro steps towards Healthcare reform. Primary directive is to improve patient care as it is a matter of goodwill and dignity, as well as the fact that prevention and engagement save the Healthcare system money.

Action points and goals:

  • Large scale public education campaigns
  • Patient to Provider, and Provider to Patient: Education campaigns
  • Organizing and Action for medical system reformed (e.g. target A hospital system)
  • Lobbying for Healthcare policy reforms that improve patient engagement and outcomes
  • Specific policy drafts and proposals for local, state and/or federal government
  • Public awareness campaigns and petitions for Healthcare systems to make specifc internal policy changes that support patient engagement & outcomes.
  • Out of ideas for now!

Key links to get involved now:

Membership will be tracked by who’s in the Facebook group until some techies can help me build a better system. One you hit the FB join, you’re in, and have an equal voice and power to direct group action.

Organization Structure

An open and voting membership of all Healthcare stakeholders: patients, providers, health systems & Healthcare technology. Action and internal proposals will be designed and implemented by focused committees (eg Healthcare lobbying, Patient Education). Developing proposals are opened to full membership vote prior to implementation.

On voting: Stakeholder voting blocks will be weighted in the final tally to provide the “least empowered” stakeholders to have a greater “say” in voting. Patients for example may have their voting results count for 40% of the total, Providers 30%, Tech 10%, Health Admins 10%, Other 10%.

The entire membership and/or committee voting is not expected. For example full membership votes on action proposals might require 40%, enacting by laws 70% membership voting. The same goes for Committee voting. Council votes likely will require 100% of representatives, and consensus.

On Steering: A council will be formed of Committee representatives. Representatives will be nominated by committee, receive majority consensus by committee, and approved through vote by entire membership. Council representatives can be removed at any time through proposal and vote, to ensure that proper organization representation is maintained.

The organization will be managed through By Laws that are created by a By Laws committee, and receive at least near consensus vote by the entire membership.

The council exists to keep organization action priorities and action strategies on track, and to provide course correction as needed.

Participation and Action approaches:

The expectation is that the majority of members will have limited participation, though will use that participation for targeted action. This involves social media campaigns, petition circulation, letters to government officials, etc. Minimal participation members are guided towards easy, quick, actions and interventions that rely on numbers (e.g. petitions) and large outreach initiatives.

The level of committee membership is designed for stakeholders with “expert” voices. Committees are designed to have at most weekly contact: for new proposals, existing proposal feedback, cross training & education, action agendas, status reports, troubleshooting campaigns, internal matters, etc. Committee membership allows informed stakeholders to provide their expertise for 1-4 hours a month. Which is a manageable target for most interested stakeholders.

Committed membership are members who draft proposals, complete specialized tasks (e.g. technical work, take facilitation roles in action, or otherwise volunteer their time. It is expected that this will comprise a minority of membership. However, committees relieve pressure from action design, and limited participation members en masse carry out the critical actionable task without committed membership needed to actively lobby and “drum up” support.

The end goal is a large enough and financially solvent organization that can support stipends and/or payment to committed members who are spending 10+ hours a week on organization goals. “Hiring & firing” is voted on by the entire membership. Committees nominate for positions, entire membership votes. “Firing” can be proposed by any member, and is voted on by membership. (some committee protection of committed members should be designed).

The proposal is being developed right now. Until this gaudy header disappears, the proposal is not finished!

LIVE at the GASH proposal Google Doc2,

Feedback is needed! This is an all voice organization in the making.

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