How I switch into disability gear

I’ve been VERY busy. Since it became clear that I need to go back on disability I’ve been very busy switching gears. I hope some of what I do when I go on disability will be helpful for some of you out there going through similar things.

Short term disability paperwork

I’m fortunate enough to have short term and long term disability insurance through my employer. I had my primary care doctor complete it yesterday, and submitted it to my HR department today.


I requested from HR FMLA paperwork for my doctor to complete. FMLA provides excellent protection while being out due to illness.

Placing my student loans on forbearance

I called my student loan company and placed my student loans into forbearance. This is offered by most student loan companies. I also requested the paperwork to get a disability based deferment.

Lowered my car insurance

Since I will be driving like a grandma for the foreseeable future I called my insurance company and had my policy changed to suit my current needs.

Everything ELSE

I have a lengthy to do list of other things that help me make my life easier when I go on disability:

  • Re-organized my work bag to be my appointment bag
  • Create an active medical paperwork folder
  • Updated my contact list for my doctors
  • Put all my appointments in iCal
  • Re-organized my medical record bag
  • Got up to date with all my financial information and current bills

Other things that I plan to do in the next few days:

  • Call my car loan company and get a payment deferment, most car loans will allow for this once a year.
  • Call my health insurance rep and go through any potential upcoming authorization concerns.
  • Re-organize the house to accommodate my current needs.

In Closing

These are some steps I take to save money, protect my employment, and stay organized when I need to go on disability. Having a smooth transition from working to being housebound is difficult though taking action and getting ahead of the game makes me feel a whole lot better. Wishing all of you the best, and hope this is helpful for those who are in a place where they have to stop working due to chronic illness.

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