I’m plugged back into the science journal matrix

IMG_1018Thursday was utterly magical. I was just chilling on my porch when the mailman came and he handed me a letter. It was from my Alma mater, and it contained my Alumni card and instructions on how to get back into the library. Within the hour I was on my way to my dear old school to get my library card, and back into my precious databases.

Why is this journal thing such a big deal?

When we talk about research or evidence based anything it all starts in scientific journals. This is the magical place where everyone submits their research findings. Every modern day treatment, and bit of new science starts as a publication in one of these journals. I now have access to nearly ALL of them.

This means I can now write based on the actual scientific articles versus other outlets secondary summary of them, or simply from the abstracts. I have access to FAR more information, and purer information.

It’s fairly common knowledge that one can make a statistic be or mean anything, it is the context of that statistic that gives it weight. I have a hefty background in study design so I like to get a peak at the actual research to get a sense of whether or not the design of the study gives it’s results any merit.

I also have at my fingertips search tools that will get me vetted information. Even Google Scholar is very limited when it comes to getting recent abstracts from scientific journals, half the time I end up with textbooks from the 60s.

There are still some great websites out there for medical information, and other that do what I do. I hope to compile a list in the near future as a resource for those looking for general medical information that is reliable, and other patient writers who are doing more specific writing based on research.

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