Evidence Based Therapy

I work within a treatment model that is evidenced based, to the extent that we are graded by the state on a regular basis to determine whether or not we are following our defined treatment model. Within our overarching evidence based practice model it is expected that all of our interventions, especially therapy, are evidence based practice. Along with that our approach to treatment from how we talk about cases as a team to treatment plans are also expected to follow evidence based models of care.

Evidence based practice is essentially treatment models that are based on research that shows the treatment modality is effective, thus it is treatment based on evidence. To be considered an evidence based model there have to be numerous studies and a general consensus in the mental health community that a treatment model meets the criteria. Given that I am a total research nerd, I absolutely love this. I appreciate being able to provide treatment that has research stating that it is effective. I know starting out with an intervention that it is more likely to help the person I am working with.

The Evidence Based therapy models and approaches I regularly use:

I treat a wide variety of mental health conditions including depression, trauma and PTSD, OCD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Personality, and Anxiety disorders. However, I do work with a unique population which is difficult to engage so often much of my work is focused on building rapport, and early to mid stage treatment. I do work with consumers long term, and have had therapy clients for at times over 5 years. They’ve watched me grow, fumble, and get better at what I do. On top of years of school I’ve done continuing education on all the listed models other than Cognitive Remediation for which my program manager was doing her thesis and taught me directly 😉

It matters to me that when people read my writing they have some idea of what my training is professionally. Once again, I am a licensed masters level social worker.

For more information and free books on Evidence Based Practice check out SAMHSA.gov11 the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.