What is this site about?

I am a Licensed Masters Level Social Worker who specializes in Psychotherapy. I’ve been working in the field for 10 years, and for the past 8 I have been dedicated to providing Evidence Based practice in the Public Mental Health system.

I also have multiple chronic health conditions. I have sorta become a professional patient along with being a healthcare professional.

I am also a total nerd and read about all of this stuff for fun, and I love to write. All of my evidence based on patient advocacy, medical, psychology, research, news articles on everything from chronic pain and illness.

I’m also developing two cloud based Electronic Health Record companion protocols using Office 365, iOS9, Google Drive, and WordPress. A lot of my hush hush is that Electronic Health Records are a very fragile tricky thing, and I cannot post about the one for my job.

Ethical boundaries and best therapy practices are also a very tricky line, and due to that most of this website requires registration in order to view. Behind the curtain there is a full demo of the Google Drive / WordPress EHR. My doctors are also actually using it in real time.

A lot of my evidence based writing also is under the password since it predated when I started this project, and I am uncomfortable having that online.

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Hope to see you behind the curtain!