Who is this S chick?

Here is me and all of my faces, the professional, the patient and the web developer:

The Professional

I’m only going by my first initial S for now as I am a Masters Level Licensed Social Worker. We have a very strict Code of Ethics1 when we get our license we essentially sign over our names and a good part of our lives. Until I’m sure my job and my licensing board is happy with this website S is what you’re going to get.

I have my Master’s in Clinical Social work with a specialization in Mental Health and a sub-specialization in Macro Social Work. My undergraduate I double majored in Social Work and Psychology. I focused my Psychology degree on Neuroscience and clinical Psychology.

As a social worker I have been practicing Evidence Based Psychotherapy in the public mental health system in an Evidence Based (yeah we’re meta!) mobile program for almost 8 years. Yes, I’m only 34, I started young which leads to the next bit:

The Patient

I went ahead and got my Master’s at a young age in large part because I have never been particularly well. The strengths based recovery perspective of Social Work, combined with my health problems likely is what drew me to that over Psychology. I started young because who knew how long I could work, and when I could I needed good insurance. I’ve always been a fast and bright burning star, I figured why not continue doing that for as long as possible.

I will disclose here what I say to my clients. I have Chronic Migraine with Complex/Basilar Aura, Meniere’s Disease, Endometriosis, and at least one undiagnosed illness. I deal with chronic pain, vertigo, and perception bending migraine auras pretty frequently. I also occasionally need surgery when my colon gets completely locked in scar tissue.

I have an amazing team of doctors from Johns Hopkins and Mercy. I’m a VIP patient who gets a fast past to directors of speciality clinics. I’ve learned to Social Work the crap out of my healthcare, and the doctors don’t care since I am apparently that sick and interesting. In the past 4 years, that’s when the Endometriosis got really bad, I had to become a professional at being a patient. At this point I am pretty good at it, which is why I am here sharing what I know with you.

Web Developer

I made my first website in 1998, within months I was on my first independent server. In 1999 I started to learn basic programming. By the year 2000 I was installing things like Grey Matter2, and tinkering with it A LOT. The following year I turned my dorm room computer, learned PHP, MySQL and created my first dynamic backend over Thanksgiving break. I did so because I was mad at all the boys in my life who viewed me only as a designer.

I’ve been using WordPress3 for at least some of my projects since 2007, and moved my sites from the severs in our basements to Dreamhost4 at the same time.

I write all my layouts in text editors one character at a time. I do a lot of modifications of plugins, and specialized function calls in WordPress5. I of course still do all my own graphic design and web design. I stay up to date on HTML6 and CSS7. However, since my migraine aura and likely a bit of Dyscalculia8 make it nearly impossible for me to learn object oriented code, I now mostly just hack lightly at WordPress when it comes to coding.

When I’m healthy enough and have the time I am happy to lend web development hand to other Chronic Illness WordPress based projects.