Saving Spoons

This is a confessional, this is where I admit to all the weird and at times gross things I do in order to live a fuller life with all the crap I have going on with my body. I do all of these things so I can spend more time on what I care about.

I Wash My Hair at Most Twice a Week, Usually Once

Between how tender my head is from constant migraines, and how tight my shoulders and neck are due to constant migraines washing my hair is nightmarish. Even with a constant flow of muscle relaxers I have limited mobility with my arms, and can easily pull a muscle just picking something up off the floor.

Hair is pretty amazing though, it adjusts to what we do to it. If we wash it everyday it gets greasy everyday. If we wash it once a week within a few months hair will be totally cool with that. I purposefully try and do it on weekends so I have the whole day to loosen my shoulders and neck up. I also have a lot of time to recover if things don’t go to well.

Ways I make this rarely washing my hair thing work:

  • I’m letting my hair grow out
  • When I am doing something messy or will get me sweaty I pull my hair up
  • Towards the end of the week I have lots of loose braids, and other low stress hairstyles for my scalp that hide that my hair is not looking so hot.

I Often Leave the House Without Brushing My Teeth

Once again stooping over a sink is not something that my neck and shoulders love. Nor does my head appreciate all that brushing. Also, toothpaste makes me incredibly nauseous, and driving an hour to work is bad enough with MAV.

I keep a travel toothbrush in my purse and find a time when I’m in between meals to brush my teeth.

Brushing My Hair is Often Too Generous a Term

Since my hair is long and wavy I can run a brush through it a couple times and it looks knot free. Usually it isn’t though. Once again my head, neck, and shoulders do not like hair brushing. I have barrettes, clips, and ties that can make my actually matted hair look nicely styled.

At Times Leave the House Without Make-up, Without Even Cleaning My Face

I keep a pack of face cleansing wipes in my car. When I’m in a hurry or just am not feeling that great I will clean my face after I leave the house.

The same goes for make-up, between acne scars and the medications I’m on always doing something awful to my face I wear foundation everywhere I go. I’m an expert at getting even coverage at stoplights.

The Same Goes for Deodorant

When my shoulders and neck are super stiff in the morning it can take hours into my Soma for moving my arms much to be comfortable, not to mention safe from injury. So I have a travel deodorant in my car for whenever I am moving well enough to put it on.

My Coffee Makes Itself

I got one of those coffee pots with a timer on it. Now I no longer need to slowly creak my way to the kitchen, set up the coffee, creak back, and then sit down to drink said coffee. By the time I’m awake the coffee is made, which saves me a lot of time in the morning since I start off very slow.

I Get Everything I Can Ready the Night Before

I lay out my clothes, pack my bags, prep the coffee maker and go above and beyond to have everything ready to go in the morning. I do all this even though I am almost always up an hour before I have to leave the house. The more tired I am in the evening, the more important it is for me to set everything up ahead of time.

I’ve learned that I need my mornings to be uncomplicated and slow. Between my screwed up colon, and super low migraine threshold having the right amount of quiet time in the morning can totally change the outcome of my day.

Mindfulness and Conserving Emotional Energy Anywhere I Can

I try to spend as much time as possible during my day not obsessing over things. The more worried I am the sicker I get, and time worrying is also wasted time. I spent a lot of my day in my car so I try to immerse myself in NPR, and when possible music.

I also take any possible opportunity to redirect attention away from myself and my own issues. When I push myself to get out of the car and start my next client visit is always a winning moment because I get to put on my focus on helping someone else, and I get time to not think about me.

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