Grassroots All Stakeholders Healthcare Action Proposal

Please get the link to this page out there. We want all in for this all included project.
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Drafting is occurring on Google Doc feedback welcomed!

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Grassroots All Stakeholders Healthcare
By the Chronic Advocate aka …

Provider perspective on barriers to improved patient engagement

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I was thankfully able to catch the MEQAPI chat today, and I ran across the same problem that I typically do in these improving healthcare and patient involvement chats. Healthcare is a nasty and complicated …

How to get approved for Social Security

logo-fb-shareGetting Social Security is a complicated nightmare, however, there are a few key points that have assisted my clients and I in getting them approved for benefits faster.
This is all about your ability to function at work
Loads of diagnoses, medications, and doctors are …

Pain, Trauma & the Brain: Be Mindful of the Whimsy

AAEAAQAAAAAAAARPAAAAJGFlNDliYjFlLTQwNzItNDUzOS1hZWY5LWQ3YTg1ZjAzMDBhNwUnless your Kimmie Schmidt, and you just got out of the bunker you haven’t escaped the craze of adult coloring, and how “mindful” has become the buzz word of the day. Kimmie Schmidt is actually pretty much the embodiment of Mindfulness, in fact …

What do “proven” treatment results mean?

I’ve actually been receiving Botox for Migraine since 12/14, and for me it works very well. The purpose of this article is that study design can be shady and/or flawed regardless of whether or not the treatment is effective.

With migraine studies types of sufferers are rarely separated into groups, …